Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Birds
Bird species in the country is very rich for its size and about 433 species have been recorded. In addition to the many resident bird species can be found at any time during the year whereas many species of migrant birds such as cuckoos, thrushes and harriers can be observed around mid August. They winter in the country to escape their northern breeding grounds. There are 233 species which are resident, of which 26 are endemic birds. The other resident species are also found in mainland India but over 80 have developed distinct Sri Lankan races. Bird distribution in Sri Lanka is largely determined with the two categories of climatic reason of wet zone and dry zone.
We made the birds here bit funny basic non academic category of day birds and night birds. There are many academic ornithologists in the country while we are here to show birds for common bird watching tourists.

One day bird watching around Kandy

One day bird watching in Knuckles Mountain Range

Two days bird watching in Knuckles Mountain Range

Three days trekking in Knuckles Mountain Range and Meemure Village

Four days bird watching in Knuckles Mountain Range and Mahiyanganaya

Bird Watching on a Specially requested bird list

Searching endemic birds in Sri Lanka

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