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Endemic Bird Waching - Sri Lanka Hill Myna, Grackle

Sri Lanka Hill Myna
Sela Lihiniya, Mal Kawdiya , Kampatiya in Sinhala Language and Sri Lanka Hill Myna or Sri Lanka Grackle (Gracula ptilogenys) is a endemic bird to Sri Lanka. The name Sale Lihiniya is often mentioned in poems and other similar literature and is quoted for its melodious calls. Sri Lanka’s well known literature masterpiece “Salalihini Sandeshaya” is based on a Salalihini bird massage to a deity to obtain a baby hairy to a king in 15th century.  
This bird appears in a 10 Rupee Sri Lankan postal stamp in 1993. 1979 at 100 Rupees note issued with the bird by Sri Lanka Central Bank.  It is also the media icon of Sri Lanka Television Cooperation
Sri lanka Hill Myna Inhabits the forests and well wooeded country of wet zone, south and west of Sri Lanka around up to 6000 feet high. Sometime it strays into the drider eastern slopes of central highland but its a bird of wet zone hills.

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