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Endemic Bird Waching - Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, Wali Kukula

Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl
Ceylon Jungle Fowl is a member of Galliformes bird order which is endemic bird of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl or Wali Kukula is considering as the national bird of the country. The red Jungle Fowl which was chicken was domesticated is a close relative of the bird.
The food of the Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl consists of grain, weed seeds, berries, various succulent leaves and buds, and a large proportion of small animals, such as crickets, centipedes and termites. When Nellu flowers and seeds in up-country jungles, junglefowl migrate to these areas in large numbers to fatten on the abundant seed.
The Junglefowl is distributed throughout Sri Lanka, whenever jungle or dense scrub of any extent is to be found. Nowadays common only in the wilder parts of the dry zone in all the national parks.

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